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i-SME: Inclusive Small and Medium Enterprises


FORMEM has participated, on the 30th September and 1st of October, in an international meeting of the i-SME consortium partners, in Vilnius, Lithuania. This project aims to raise awareness and motivate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to integrate People with Disabilities (PwD) in their workforce. For this, i-SME will develop three main activities: a collection of good practices, the production of a minisseries of videoclips in all partners' country languages, and the development of a web portal, providing information about what is needed to hire People with Disabilities.  

FORMEM was represented, in this meeting, by Raul Rocha and Inês van Velze. Other than FORMEM, from Portugal, the other countries and partner organizations are: 

• INTAMT (Germany) - International Academy for Management and Technology (project coordinator) 
• DISWORKS (Netherlands) - Consultancy and Mediation in including PwD in the workforce 
• Stafmedewerker vzw GTB (Belgium) - Service provider and mediator in including PwD in the work environment, in the Flemish region 
• CEPYME (Spain) - Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises 
• THL (Finland) - National Health and Social Affairs Institute 
• Dafür gem. GmbH (Austria) - Service Provider and mediator in including PwD in the work environment, in the west region
• BCCSL (Lithuania) - Representative of Enterprises' Cooperation in South Lithuania

This meeting focused mainly on the discussion of the theoretical model of the project, based in the Theory of Change, and on the presentation and introduction of the project to representatives of local entities, namely the Lithuanian Agency manageing the European Social Fund, and a representative of the Women's Entrepeneurship Confederation. 

i-SME is co-financed by the European Comission, and the General Board of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. rec eu funded 1


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