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Public presentation of the book

May 2022

On May 24, the Library of the National Institute for Rehabilitation, I.P. will promote the online presentation of the book "A pioneer of inclusion: collection of texts by Lou Brown", that FORMEM published in 2021, with the presence of Mário Pereira, president of the board of directors of FORMEM. 
"Lou Brown (1939 - 2021) was a Professor at the University of Wisconsin, in the United States of America, having achieved great recognition, nationally and internationally, as a pioneer in the fields of school and social inclusion of People with Disabilities (...) His reputation came from his activity as a teacher, but especially from the intervention in the field, promoting school and professional inclusion of people with disabilities, always assuming that this is an essential element for the construction of a fairer society, and an unavoidable condition to provide a dignified life for people. (...) The texts we have gathered in this collection bring us the essential of Professor Lou Brown's thinking in this field - however, in them we will not find very elaborate theoretical expositions, but rather the way he applied a body of principles to his practice. "[excerpt from the Foreword, signed by Mário Pereira].
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Besides the physical publication, the digital version of this work is available for consultation, reading, and download here. This publication was produced under the project Conhecer o Conhecimento, and co-financed under the National Program for Project Funding by INR,I.P.,2021

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