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Support Employment Training  2nd edition

11th & 12th october 2022 | Coimbra 

Due to the great influx of training on Supported Employment held in July, FORMEM decided to promote a second edition on the 11th and 12th of October 2022, in Coimbra, with Professor Borja Jordán de Urríes from the University of Salamanca. This training aimed to train professionals who support people with disabilities in their professional training and employment, providing fundamental concepts and tools for the success of support.

On the first day of training, the following topics were addressed:

  • Introduction to Supported Employment
  • Tools for Supported Employment of the European Union EUSE - Part I and II
  • Support Technician Profile

On the second day, the following contents:

  • Positive behavioral support
  • Behavior modification techniques applied to independent living
  • Deterioration of work capacity and retirement
  • Families: attention, support and resources

The complete agenda can be seen here

The training will be in Spanish, without simultaneous translation, with the number of places limited to 25 participants (limit of 4 participants per entity).

The registration cost per participant will be €40 for FORMEM members, and €80 for non-FORMEM members.

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This training is developed under the project Employability: Engaging to Include,  co-financed by the National Institute for Rehabilitation.



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