Federação Portuguesa da Formação Profissional
e Emprego de Pessoas com Deficiência e Incapacidade
FORMEM, as a representative umbrella organization, does not work directly with persons with disabilities in their training and labour aspirations, but we can offer some advice:
Enrolled yourself in the closest job centre (IEFP – is the public employment service) and explain your working and training goals and needs (some of the job centres are not very used to deal with person with disabilities, so if you have any kind of impairment or specific difficulty, we advise you to state it very clear in your enrolment process);
In case the job centre does not provide a specialized information, assessment and guidance service near your home, please contact yourself a local specialized centre (if you need help finding one near your home, we can help you identify it, just call or e-mail us). These local specialized centres (Centros de Recursos para a Qualificação e Emprego) are social providers with expertise in vocational training and employment of persons with disabilities, many of them are our affiliates and can provide you specific employment support.
If you are unlucky, or unwillingly, to take any of the above steps, just contact any of the specialized organizations you know and/or feel comfortable with and explain your situation, so they can help you through all the process (in this website, at Associadas, you can find around 50 organizations affiliated of FORMEM that are ready to hear from you).
We also remind you that the in Portugal we have quota system for public and private employers, so when applying for a job, make sure your positive discrimination rights are being respected.
The Institute for Employment and Vocation Training (IEFP) is the public body that manage the following measures for persons with disabilities (www.iefp.pt):
Integration, maintaining and reintegration in the labour market;
Supported employment;
Funding supporting equipment/technology;
Inclusive Employer Brand.
Any member of the society (State, individual, business, NGO, etc…) can, effectively, contribute for the social and professional inclusion of persons with disabilities, having just one premise: give an opportunity.
However, there are specialized organizations in this task, many of the affiliate of FORMEM (see list of Associadas), and with large knowledge and experience in providing person centred supports.
Furthermore, the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR - www.inr.pt) is the public body that upholds the equal opportunities, the combat against discrimination and the valorisations of the persons with disabilities.




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